Jagged white lines criss-cross with space. Katie left her mark with marks, but not her face. A face can decay, but a name will stay for all the days. Water falls, flows, soaks for but a second through my veins, but your name carved in remains unchanged – always Katie. Are you vain to leave... Continue Reading →


Essay: “Allegory #6” by bpNichol

Believe it or not, this is a picture of a poem. It's a concrete poem called "Allegory #6" by bpNichol. I wrote an essay on it exploring the nature of art and language. Give it a read if you're into that sort of weird avant-garde stuff:   Some Black Lines Infiltrating Your Head    ... Continue Reading →

MATO Podcast Episode 7

In this episode, I sit down with Sean Stover and Danny Sheahan to talk about the notorious "so bad it's good" movie "The Room". We also talk about the novel about the making of the movie called "The Disaster Artist". We ALSO talk about the new movie starring James Franco called "The Disaster Artist" which... Continue Reading →

Console Feedback

(In your story, you’re always the main character. The rest are for support.) “Don’t be sad.” (Your voice echoes through holes and across halls. Standing slouched against the wall, I listen to your heart pouring into twisted phone lines. Cordoned off, hearing words not meant for me gives the most clarity about what I am.... Continue Reading →

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